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Har hatt en fantastisk helg p hytta til min bestevenninne i Sandefjord. Hun flytter til Berkley i San Francisco om 10 dager og blir der til desember. Det ble en fin avskjedsfest med god mat, vin og en tur ut i Tnsberg.

Kommer til savne deg Mari, men kommer p besk :)

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01.aug.2011 kl.10:03

Elsker antrekket! Spesielt toppen :)


01.aug.2011 kl.11:25

Kjempe fin blogg du har, elsker antrekket ditt :D


01.aug.2011 kl.19:09

s koselig Annabel, hadde en kjempe fin helg:) Kommer til savne deg masse <3


01.aug.2011 kl.23:43

Veldig gy at du i dette innlegget deler litt av livet ditt med oss :)


04.aug.2011 kl.14:26

S koselige bilder! Gleder meg veldig til Berkeley., skal ta godt vare p Mari og Hanne;)


04.aug.2011 kl.21:36

Berkeley is well-known for very good academics, she will attend UC-Berkeley? I've never been, but I think the local hero and favorite Aaron Rodgers is an alumnus. If y'all plan to spend a lot of time here, my tip, now more than ever, is to follow the economic crisis we're in and the housing market has like rock-bottom prices and interest rates for 15-30 year mortgages, although this declining currency value is a disaster for most of us, it's definitely a golden opportunity for relatively wealthy Norwegians to get a nice place or two here, then will be no need for hotels and all that. It depends on where the 'bottom' is for housing and stocks. There's a lot of anxiety and worry here, if you've studied the '08 crisis, you'll know about the big bail-outs for the 'too big to fail' corporations, the real worry I think now, is that if there's another crash, there's no money or public appetite to bail out the same folks who caused the crash in the first place, naturally. It's not good at all, just kinda hoping for a miracle or something at this point. Of course each regional market varies, but everyone we know is reporting a dropping home value/price, something to think about anyway. Could be like a win-win situation someday for a buyer if the value rises. Have a good day Annabel, I like your pretty pictures and outfits, you have a glamorous and graceful style and really hot legs, and look so good in the summer shorts/skirts!

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